St Bonaventure University Courses Offered 2021/2022

By | August 6, 2020

St Bonaventure University Academic Programmes 2021/2022

St Bonaventure University Courses Offered; These are the list of academic courses offered at St Bonaventure University.

Programs Offered

Currently the Faculty of Philosophy offers two programs;

  • Diploma in Philosophy
  • Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • BA in Philosophy (through the affiliation with Pontifical University Antonianum (PUA)

Duration of Programs

All philosophy programs take at least six academic semesters or three academic years.


List of Courses By Category

The Obligatory Basic Subjects: Theoretic Disciplines (PCT)

  • PCT 101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PCT 102 Logic I: Traditional Logic
  • PCT103 Logic II: Analytic Logic
  • PCT104 Moral Philosophy I = General Ethics
  • PCT105 Moral Philosophy II = Special Ethics
  • PCT106 Philosophy of Knowledge I: Theoretical
  • PCT107 Philosophy of Knowledge II: Readings
  • PCT108 Metaphysics I
  • PCT109 Metaphysics II
  • PCT110 Philosophy of Nature I = Cosmology I
  • PCT111 Philosophy of Nature II = Cosmology II
  • PCT112 Natural Theology I
  • PCT113 Natural Theology II
  • PCT114 Philosophy of Human Person I: Phenomenology of the Human Person
  • PCT115 Philosophy of Human Person II: Metaphysics of the Human Person
  • PCT116 Political and Economic Philosophy

The Obligatory Subjects: History of Philosophy (PCH)

  • PCH101 History of Ancient Philosophy I
  • PCH102 History of Ancient Philosophy II: Readings
  • PCH103 Medieval Philosophy I
  • PCH104 Medieval Philosophy II: Readings
  • PCH105 Modern Philosophy I
  • PCH106 Modern Philosophy II
  • PCH107 Contemporary Philosophy I
  • PCH108 Contemporary Philosophy II

The Obligatory Supplementary Subjects (PCS)

  • PCS101 Methodology
  • PCS102 Philosophy of Art
  • PCS103 Philosophy of Religion
  • PCS104 Philosophy of Language
  • PCS105 Philosophy of the Mind
  • PCS105 Faith & Reason
  • PCS107 Philosophy of Science
  • PCS108 African Philosophy
  • PCS109 Psychology I: Introduction to Psychology
  • PCS110 Psychology II: Psychology of the Human Person
  • PCS111 Philosophy of Education
  • PCS112 Sociology

The Elective Supplementary Subjects (PES)

  • PES101 The Ethics of E. Levinas
  • PES103 The Psychology of Vocation Growth
  • PES104 The Philosophy of William of Ockham
  • PES105 Feminist Philosophy and African Culture
  • PES106 Contemporary Theories of Justice
  • PES107 Philosophy of Law

The Supplementary Language Subjects (PLS)

  • PLS101 Latin
  • IPLS102 Latin II
  • PLS103 Modern Language: French
  • PLS104 Modern Language: Italian

Philosophy – Other Requirements

  • PLE101 Long Essay Paper- Dissertation
  •  POE101 Oral Examination

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